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Concert Band Music
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Opera: Abu Hassan
  C-252 Abu Hassan, Overture To

Opera: Aida
  C-659 Aida

Opera: Allesandro Stradella
  C-616 Allesandro Stradella, Overture To

Opera: Atilla
  O-203 Atilla, Selection From

Opera: Banditenstreiche
  O-390 Banditenstreiche, Overture

Opera: Barber Of Seville, The
  O-780 Cavatine From The Barber Of Seville

Opera: Bohemian Girl
  O-388 Bohemian Girl
  O-702/A Recitative And Aria

Opera: Boris Godounov
  C-768 Boris Godounov, Love Scene From

Opera: Burgomaster, The
  O-524 Burgomaster, The

Opera: Calif Of Bagdad, The
  C-776 Calif Of Bagdad, The
  O-664 Calif Of Bagdad, The

Opera: Carmen
  C-676 Carmen (Pres Des Remparts De Saville)
  C-560 Carmen, Selection From
  M-206 Grand Opera March
  C-686 Habanera From Carmen
  O-372/B Toreador's Song

Opera: Cavalleria Rusticana
  C-721 Cavalleria Rusticana
  O-416/A Cavalleria Rusticana, Intermezzo From

Opera: Cenerentola, La
  C-206 Cinderella, Overture To

Opera: Cinderella
  C-206 Cinderella, Overture To

Opera: Colas Breugnon
  C-350 Colas Breugnon Overture

Opera: Conte D'essex, Il
  C-608 Count Of Essex, The

Opera: Count Of Essex, The
  C-608 Count Of Essex, The

Opera: Crown Diamonds
  C-261 Crown Diamonds, Overture To

Opera: Das Rheingold
  C-767 Entry Of The Gods Into Valhalla

Opera: Daughter Of The Regimen
  C-609 Daughter Of The Regiment, The

Opera: Die Fledermaus
  C-233 Die Fledermaus
  C-823 Die Fledermaus, Overture

Opera: Die Folkinger
  O-289 Coronation March

Opera: Don Carlos
  O-513 Don Carlos, Selection From

Opera: Don Cesar De Bezan (?)
  C-641 Don Cesar De Bezan

Opera: Don Giovanni
  C-362 Don Giovanni, Overture To

Opera: Dragons De Villars, Les
  C-615 Hermit's Bell, The

Opera: Dragoons Of Villars
  C-353 Dragoons Of Villars, The
  O-489/B Les Dragons De Villars

Opera: Elisa & Claudio
  C-613 Elisa & Claudio Overture

Opera: Erminie
  C-725 Erminie

Opera: Fairy Lake, The
  C-631 Lac Des Fe'es, Le (The Fairy Lake)

Opera: Falstaff
  O-516 Falstaff, Aria From

Opera: Fantana
  O-528 Fantana

Opera: Faust
  C-673 Faust
  O-482 Faust, Selection From
  O-485 Faust, Selection From

Opera: Felsenmuele
  C-671 Mill On The Cliff, The

Opera: Fidelio
  C-269 Leonore Overture From Fidelio

Opera: Fille Du Regiment, La
  C-609 Daughter Of The Regiment, The

Opera: Firefly, The
  M-625 Sympathy

Opera: Fortune Teller, The
  O-247 Fortune Teller, Selections From The

Opera: Fra Davola
  C-262 Fra Davola, Overture To

Opera: Gazza Ladra, La
  C-555 Gazza Ladra, La
  C-847 Thievish Magpie, The

Opera: Gioconda, La
  O-293 Dance Of The Hours From La Gioconda

Opera: Girofile-Girofla
  C-636 Girofile-Girofla, Selections From

Opera: Glockchen Des Eremiten
  C-615 Hermit's Bell, The

Opera: Guy Mannering
  C-260 Guy Mannering Overture

Opera: Gypsy Love Song
  C-418 Gypsy Love Song From The Fortune Teller

Opera: Haddon Hall
  C-650 Hadden Hall, Selection From

Opera: Hansel And Gretel
  O-762 Children's Prayer, The

Opera: Hermit's Bell, The
  C-615 Hermit's Bell, The

Opera: Huguenots
  O-90 Huguenots, Potpourri From The

Opera: Huguenots, Les
  C-722 Huguenots

Opera: I Due Bruschini (?)
  C-522 Il Signor Bruschino

Opera: I Lombardi
  C-771 I Lombardi Selection
  O-401 I Lombardi, Selection From
  O-785/A My Letizia (Air From I Lombardi)

Opera: Il Trovatore
  O-500 Il Trovatore
  O-52 Il Trovatore, Celebrated Waltz From
  M-1059 Miserere "Il Trovatore"

Opera: Ione
  C-270 Ione, Grand Selection From

Opera: Isabella
  C-713 Isabella

Opera: Isle Of Champagne
  O-94 Isle Of Champagne, The

Opera: Italian In Algiers, The
  C-502 Italian In Algiers, The

Opera: Italiana In Algeri, 'l
  C-502 Italian In Algiers, The

Opera: Jewels Of The Madonna
  C-658 Jewels Of The Madonna, Two Intermezzi From

Opera: Jocelyn
  O-263 Jocelyn, Berceuse From

Opera: Kunihild
  C-820 Kunihild, Overture To Third Act

Opera: La Belle Hellene
  C-474 La Belle Helene

Opera: La Benediction Des Poig
  C-670 La Benediction Des Poignards

Opera: Lac Des Fe'es, Le
  C-631 Lac Des Fe'es, Le (The Fairy Lake)

Opera: Les Dragons De Villars
  C-353 Dragoons Of Villars, The
  O-489/B Les Dragons De Villars

Opera: Lucia
  O-378 Lucia
  O-415/B Lucia, Sextett From
  M-5040/T Lucia, Sextette From
  O-83 Lucia, Sextette From

Opera: Lucretia Borgia
  O-96 Lucretia Borgia, Selection From

Opera: Lucrezia Borgia
  O-729 Lucrezia Borgia

Opera: Lurline
  C-256 Lurline, Overture To

Opera: MacBeth
  O-395 MacBeth, Selection From

Opera: Mansaneillo
  C-635 Masaneillo, Overture To

Opera: Maritana
  C-605 Maritana
  C-662 Maritana, Grand Selection From
  O-39 Scenes That Are Brightest, Grand Fantasia

Opera: Martha
  C-612 Martha, Overture To
  O-344 Martha, Potpourri From
  O-170 Martha, Selection From

Opera: Masaniello
  O-536 Masaniello

Opera: Mill On The Cliff, The
  C-671 Mill On The Cliff, The

Opera: Mirella
  C-253 Mirella, Overture To

Opera: Muette De Portici, La
  O-536 Masaniello

Opera: Nabucondonosor
  O-611 Nabucodonosor

Opera: Natoma
  O-108 Natoma, Selection From

Opera: Norma
  O-779 Duet From Norma
  C-817/A Norma

Opera: Oberon
  C-627 Oberon

Opera: Olivette
  O-499 Olivette, Selection From

Opera: Pagliacci
  C-566 Grand Fantasia From Pagliacci

Opera: Passing Show, The
  O-396 Passing Show, Selection From The

Opera: Patience
  O-233 Patience, Selection

Opera: Phedre
  C-633 Phedre

Opera: Philemon Et Baucis
  C-724 Philemon And Baucis

Opera: Pique Dame
  C-398 Pique Dame, Ballet And Duet From

Opera: Princess Bonnie, The
  O-398 Princess Bonnie, Selection From The

Opera: Prophet, The
  C-868/A Coronation March From The Prophet

Opera: Red Feather
  C-639 Red Feather, Selection From

Opera: Rienzi
  C-567 Rienzi
  C-263 Rienzi, Overture To

Opera: Rigoletto
  O-774 Concert Fantasia
  O-307 Corcert Fantasia
  O-372/A Rigoletto, Quartet From

Opera: Robert Le Diable
  O-773 Cavatine

Opera: Robin Hood
  O-87 Robin Hood, Selection From

Opera: Rosenkavalier, Der
  C-324 Rosenkavalier, Der, Waltzes From

Opera: Samson And Delilah
  C-685 Samson And Delilah
  C-241 Samson And Delilah, Bacchanale From

Opera: Scenes Alsaciennes (?)
  C-688 Alba Sentimentale
  C-687 Under The Lindens

Opera: Schwanda, The Bagpiper
  C-935 Polka & Fugue From Schwanda, The Bagpiper

Opera: Semiramide
  C-553 Semiramide
  C-900 Semiramide Overture

Opera: Serenade, The
  C-267 Serenade, Selection From The

Opera: Siege Of Rochelle
  C-614 Seige Of Rochelle, Overture To

Opera: Simon Boccanegra
  C-652 Simon Boccanegra, Selection From

Opera: Stradella
  C-497 Stradella

Opera: Tancredi
  C-550 Tancredi
  C-299 Tancredi Overture

Opera: Tannhauser
  O-701/B Evening Star From Tannhauser
  O-701/A Pilgrim Chorus From Tannhauser
  M-1006 Pilgrim's Chorus
  C-665 Tannhauser
  O-627 Tannhauser
  C-868/B Tannhauser March
  C-266 Tannhauser, Overture To

Opera: Thais
  C-769 Meditation From Thais

Opera: Trojans, The
  C-152 Trojan March

Opera: Various (Offenbach)
  C-712 Offenbachiana

Opera: Various Wagner
  C-578 Reminiscences Of Wagner Operas
  C-967 Wagner Showcase

Opera: William Tell
  C-169 William Tell

Opera: Wonderland
  O-22 Wonderland, Selections From

Opera: Yelva
  C-620 Yelva, Overture To

Opera: Zanetta
  C-259 Zanetta, Overture To

Operetta, Various
  O-673 Tid Bits

Operetta: (?)
  O-97 Whispering Willows

Operetta: Adele (?)
  O-249 Adele (Valse)

Operetta: All Hands On Deck (?
  O-88 All Hands On Deck

Operetta: Arme Jonathan, Der
  O-498 Poor Jonathan

Operetta: Babes In Toyland
  O-486 Babes In Toyland, Selection From
  O-488 March Of The Toys From Babes In Toyland

Operetta: Beautiful Galatea
  C-579 Beautiful Galatea, The

Operetta: Bride Elect, The
  M-158 Bride-Elect March, The

Operetta: Chocolate Soldier
  M-261 Bulgarian March
  C-723 Chocolate Soldier, The
  M-342 My Hero

Operetta: Doris
  C-442 Doris, Selection From

Operetta: El Capitan
  O-747 El Capitan

Operetta: Leichte Kavallerie
  O-239 Light Cavalry Overture

Operetta: Light Cavalry
  O-239 Light Cavalry Overture

Operetta: Merry Widow, The
  O-218 Merry Widow Waltz, The
  O-10 Merry Widow, The

Operetta: Mikado, The
  C-268 Mikado, Selection From The

Operetta: Mlle. Modeste
  M-127 Kiss Me Again From Mlle. Modiste

Operetta: Naughty Marietta
  O-710 Naughty Marietta

Operetta: New Moon, The
  C-965 New Moon, The

Operetta: Old Dutch
  O-297 Old Dutch, Selections From

Operetta: Only Girl, The
  O-259 Only Girl, Selection From The

Operetta: Orange Blossom
  O-181 Kiss In The Dark, A (From Orange Bloosom)

Operetta: Orpheus In The Under
  O-466 Orpheus, Overture

Operetta: Pique Dame
  C-564 Pique Dame

Operetta: Poor Jonathan
  O-498 Poor Jonathan

Operetta: Princess Pat, The
  O-518 Princess Pat, The

Operetta: Red Mill, The
  O-165 Red Mill, Selection From The

Operetta: Schoene Galathea
  C-579 Beautiful Galatea, The

Operetta: Singing Girl, The
  O-3 Singing Girl, Selections From

Operetta: Spring Maid, The
  O-567 Spring Maid Waltzes
  C-711 Spring Maid, The

Operetta: Sprudelfee, Die
  O-567 Spring Maid Waltzes

Operetta: Tantalusqualen
  C-243 Tantalusqualen

Operetta: Vagabond King, The
  C-668 Vagabond King, The

Operetta: Various
  O-349 Trebuhs Operatic Hits

Operetta: Various Herbert
  C-199 Victor Herbert Favorites

Operetta: Various Victor Herbe
  C-957 Victor Herbert Favorites

Operetta: Wanderers Hope (?)
  C-611 Wanderers Hope, The

Overgard, Graham
  M-718 War March Of The Tartars

Patriotic, America
  M-948 Our American Heritage

Pershing, John Joseph (General)
  M-281 General Pershing

Peters, Phil
  O-724 Sunny Spain

Poche, Irwin
  M-725 Sugar Bowl March

Radio: Amos 'n' Andy
  M-819/B Perfect Song, The

Railroad (?)
  M-196 Clear The Track

Remick, Jerome H.
  M-458 Enterpriser, The

Riebow, Edward W.
  M-940 Chicago Police Band March

Ringling Brothers Circus
  O-719 Caesar's Triumphal March
  M-259 Fredella March
  M-265 New Madison Square Garden, The
  M-154 Ringling Brothers Grand Entry March, The

Rolfe, A.W.
  M-964 Cudworth Legionnaires

Rollinson, Thomas H.
  M-5029/B American Eagle, The

Roosevelt, Theodore
  M-1009 Dik Dik

Roosevelt, Theodore (?)
  O-348 Teddy-After-Africa

Royal Scotch Highlander's Band
  M-633 Royal Scotch Highlanders

Sells Floto Circus
  M-134 Sells-Floto Triumphal

Sesquicentennial, Miami Of Ohi
  M-734 Universities On Parade

Severinson, Doc
  C-172 Fantasy For Trumpet

Shelton, Emma E.
  O-254 Immortal Legions

Simon, Frank (Dr.)
  C-854 Scherzo

Smith, Roy D.
  M-633 Royal Scotch Highlanders

Smith, S.B.
  M-282 2nd Regt. Connecticut National Guard March
  M-843/A 2nd Regt. Connecticut National Guard March

Sousa, John Phillip
  M-132 Tribute To Sousa

South Dakota All-State Band
  C-844 Capriccio Concertant

South Dakota Bicentennial Comm
  C-844 Capriccio Concertant

Spanish-American War
  O-137 Battle Of Manila
  O-162 Battle Of San Juan Hill
  O-141 Cuban War, The (The Fall Of Santiago)
  M-5042/K Funston's Fighting 20th March

Sport: Football
  M-976 Confidence

Sports: Baseball
  M-487 Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Sports: Football
  M-656 Gridiron March, The

Syrian Temple Shrine Band
  M-866 Golden Friendships

  C-942 Concerto For Madison Avenue

Texas Woman's University
  M-736 University Hill March

Theil, Arthur
  C-786 Symphonic Prelude

Tremain, Cyrus
  M-862 Cyrus The Great

Troop A, Cleveland, Ohio
  M-931 Black Horse Troop, The

Tschetter, Joseph P.
  M-36 147th Field Artillery

U.S. Navy Band
  C-755 Concertante

Underwood, Dale
  C-755 Concertante

United States Army Band
  C-947 Fanfare And Scenario

University Of Connecticut Band
  M-943 Constitution State March

University Of Idaho
  M-135 University Of Idaho March

University Of Illinois Band
  M-37 Pride Of The Illini

University Of Indiana Band
  M-5031/A Greater Indiana

University Of Kansas
  C-446 Affirmation And Credo
  C-707 Affirmation And Credo
  C-924 Citation
  C-234 Concert Dance And Intermezzo
  C-424 Credence
  C-172 Fantasy For Trumpet
  C-275 God Of Our Fathers
  C-290 God Of Our Fathers
  C-790 I'm A Jayhawk
  C-683 Sterling Brass

University Of Kansas Band
  M-873 University Of Kansas March

University Of Nebraska
  M-5011/B Cornhusker, The

University Of Pittsburg
  M-627 Pitt Panther, The

Van, Woody
  M-221 Woody Van's March
  M-5001/B Woody Van's March

Vogel, Nels
  C-981 Harvest Celebration (6th Movement)

War Of 1812
  C-822/A Star Spangled Banner
  M-749 Star Spangled Banner
  O-713/A Star Spangled Banner
  M-716 Star Spangled Banner, The
  M-887 Star Spangled Banner, The

Wayne University Band
  M-718 War March Of The Tartars

Wayne, Anthony (Gen.)
  M-84 General Anthony Wayne March

Weber, Joe
  M-1031 Joe Weber March

Whiteman, Paul
  C-952 Deep Purple

Wiley, Russell L.
  M-873 University Of Kansas March

World War I
  M-454 Till We Meet Again
  M-353 We're Going Over (Somewhere In France)

World War I (?)
  M-593 Magyar Katonasag

World War II
  M-538 Any Bonds Today?
  M-499 Comin' In On A Wing And A Prayer

Wosky, Ed (Toreador)
  M-5030/B Bolivar March

Yale University
  M-598 Blue (Yale) Medley March

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