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Concert Band Music
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Land Of Wheat, The
  C-981 Harvest Celebration (6th Movement)

Landon, Alfred Mossman
  M-1011 He's The Man Of The Hour

Lavalle, Paul
  M-869 Our United States

Leighton, Harry
  M-5042/J Campania March

Lewis, P.L. (Capt.)
  M-271 Captain P.W. Lewis, U.S.A.

Lichter, Adolph H.
  O-256 Traveler, The

Lindberg, Charles
  M-620 Lucky Slim
  M-642 Lucky Slim

Lloyd, Harold
  M-722 Shrine Centennial March, The

Locke, Frank L.
  M-5040/ZE Adjutant Locke's March

Long, Sidney G.
  M-1063 Arab Temple

Madison Square Garden
  M-265 New Madison Square Garden, The

Marshall's Civic Band
  C-818/A Emperor's Review
  C-535 Fifteen Minutes On The Midway Plaisance
  C-818/B Jubilation Selection
  C-576 Marshall's Band Overture
  M-1008 Marshall's Military Band March
  C-923 Marshall's Military Band Two-Step
  M-834 Marshall's Military Band Two-Step

Marx Brothers
  M-397 Alone

Matthews, Col. Thomas R.
  M-5040/H Col. Matthews March

May, Ole
  M-5033/B Forest City Commandery March

McAllister, A.R.
  M-275 Valor And Victory

Miami Of Ohio University
  M-734 Universities On Parade

Midwestern Music Camp
  C-924 Citation

  M-1064 American Army Life
  M-5031/B Bombasto
  M-853 Bombasto
  M-882 Bombasto
  M-839/A Captain Ward's March

Military: (?)
  M-29 Dunlap Commandery March
  M-593 Magyar Katonasag

Military: 20th Kansas Vol.
  M-5042/K Funston's Fighting 20th March

Military: Air Force
  M-909 Army Air Corps, The
  M-910 Strategic Air Command, The
  M-732 U.S. Air Force March
  M-558 U.S. Air Force, The
  M-4 U.S. Air Force, The (The Wild Blue Yonder)

Military: Army
  M-36 147th Field Artillery
  M-679 Blue Ridge Division, The
  M-946 General Ike March
  M-281 General Pershing
  M-126 U.S. Field Artillery March, The

Military: Cavalry
  M-328/B 15th U.S. Cavalry Band March
  M-5041/M 5th Cavalry March

Military: Coast Guard
  M-5039/O Semper Paratus
  M-925 Semper Paratus

Military: Marine Corps
  M-27 Marine's Hymn, The
  M-927 Marines March, The

Military: National Guard
  M-282 2nd Regt. Connecticut National Guard March
  M-843/A 2nd Regt. Connecticut National Guard March
  M-843/B Decoration Day Grand Parade Quickstep

Military: Navy
  M-9 Anchor And Star March
  M-347 Anchors Aweigh
  M-62 Anchors Aweigh
  M-286 Flying Squadron March, The
  C-681 U.S.S. Kennedy March
  M-947 U.S.S. March

Military: Various
  M-278 Military Life

Miller, Glenn
  C-907 Five Mellow Winds

  C-793 Golden Year, The

Missouri Arranger
  M-930 Aerie-123 March

Missouri Composer
  C-446 Affirmation And Credo
  C-707 Affirmation And Credo
  M-86 Burr's Triumphal March
  C-924 Citation
  C-234 Concert Dance And Intermezzo
  C-424 Credence
  C-172 Fantasy For Trumpet
  M-932 Easy Mark March
  C-275 God Of Our Fathers
  C-290 God Of Our Fathers
  M-5041/B Great Western Quick Step
  O-270 Humoresque

Missouri Publisher
  M-930 Aerie-123 March
  O-161 Come Out In The Moonlight
  M-934 Desideratum
  M-932 Easy Mark March
  M-781 I Want A Daddy To Cuddle Me

Missouri, Kansas City
  M-674 Ararat March
  O-161 Come Out In The Moonlight
  O-423 Fantasie On My Old Kentucky Home
  O-270 Humoresque
  O-455 Little Dutchess Overture
  M-411 Piccolo Pete
  O-674 Zuleika Turkish Love Song

Missouri, St. Louis
  C-451 Morceau Symphonique

Monahan Post Band
  M-600 Monahan Post

Moore, Don V.
  M-5033/A Atta Boy

Musical: 42nd Street
  C-440 42nd Street Overture

Musical: 9:15 Revue
  M-987 Get Happy

Musical: Allegro
  C-326 Mountain Greenery

Musical: American In Paris, An
  C-747 American In Paris, An

Musical: Anything Goes
  O-185 Blow, Gabriel Blow, From Anything Goes

Musical: Before The Footlights
  O-360 Before The Footlights (A Comedy In 8 Acts)

Musical: Big Show, The
  O-404 Poor Butterfly From The Big Show

Musical: Boys From Syracuse
  C-357 Boys From Syracuse, Highlights From The

Musical: Brigadoon
  C-153 Brigadoon
  C-154 Brigadoon

Musical: Camelot
  C-806 Camelot

Musical: Carosel
  M-551 June Is Bustin' Out All Over

Musical: Carousel
  C-170 Carousel
  M-918 You'll Never Walk Alone

Musical: Clorindy
  O-383 Clorindy, Selection From

Musical: Desert Song
  O-229 One Alone From Desert Song

Musical: Desert Song, The
  O-222 Desert Song From The Desert Song

Musical: Do I Hear A Waltz
  C-459 Do I Hear A Waltz

Musical: Fiddler On The Roof
  C-759 Fiddler On The Roof, Selections From

Musical: Finnian's Rainbow (?)
  M-301 How 'dja Like To Love Me

Musical: Fiorello
  C-393 Fiorello, Selections From

Musical: Floradora
  O-400 Floradora, Selection

Musical: Follies Bergere
  M-212 Nights In The Woods

Musical: Funny Face
  O-243 's Wonderful From Funny Face

Musical: Garrett O'Magh
  O-392 Garrett O'Magh, Selection From

Musical: Garrick Gaieties
  C-326 Mountain Greenery

Musical: George White's Scanda
  M-959 Lucky Day

Musical: Girl Crazy
  O-728 Embraceable You

Musical: Girl Friend, The
  C-326 Mountain Greenery

Musical: Glory
  O-654 Saw Mill River Road

Musical: Gypsy
  M-922 Everything's Coming Up Roses

Musical: Hello Dolly
  M-926 Before The Parade Passes By

Musical: Hit The Deck
  O-188 Hallelujah From Hit The Deck

Musical: Isle Of Spice, The
  C-643 Isle Of Spice, Selections From

Musical: Jubilee
  M-997 Just One Of Those Things

Musical: Katinka
  M-844 Allah's Holiday

Musical: King And I, The
  C-848 King And I Selection, The

Musical: Madame Sherry
  O-358 Madame Sherry

Musical: Mame
  C-763 Mame, Highlights From The Broadway Musical

Musical: Man Of La Mancha
  C-753 Impossible Dream, The
  C-157 Man Of La Mancha

Musical: Mary
  O-646 Love Nest, The

Musical: May Wine
  C-557 May Wine, A Selection From

Musical: Miss Nobody From Star
  O-377 Miss Nobody From Starland

Musical: Music Man, The
  C-757 Music Man, Selections From The
  M-687 Seventy Six Trombones

Musical: My Fair Lady
  M-2 I Could Have Danced All Night

Musical: My Home Town Girl
  O-352 My Home Town Girl, Selection From

Musical: Oklahoma
  C-756 Oklahoma Selection

Musical: On The Town
  C-219 On The Town, Three Dances From

Musical: Pajama Game, The
  C-156 Pajama Game, The

Musical: Peter Pan
  C-877 Peter Pan, Highlights From Mary Martin's

Musical: Prima Donna, The
  O-373 Prima Donna, The

Musical: Prince Of Pilsen
  O-517 Prince Of Pilsen

Musical: Prince Of Tonight, Th
  O-338 Prince Of Tonight, Selections From The

Musical: Red, Hot And Blue
  M-991 Ridin' High

Musical: Rio Rita
  O-430 Rio Rita, Selection From

Musical: Roberta
  C-939 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Musical: Romance Of Althone, A
  O-397 Romance Of Althone, Selection From A

Musical: Secret Life Of Walter
  M-976 Confidence

Musical: Sho-Gun, The
  O-529 Sho-Gun, The

Musical: Show Boat
  C-155 Show Boat Selection

Musical: Showboat
  C-209 Ol' Man River
  C-571 Showboat
  C-744 Showboat

Musical: Shuffle Along
  O-381 Shuffle Along

Musical: Sometime
  C-667 Sometime, Selection From

Musical: Sound Of Music, The
  C-760 Sound Of Music, The

Musical: South Pacific
  M-901 Getting To Know You

Musical: Student Prince, The
  C-438 Student Prince, Selections From The
  O-240 Student Prince, Serenade From The
  C-785 Student Prince, The

Musical: Take It From Me
  O-258 Take It From Me, Selection From

Musical: Ten Minutes With The
  C-532 Ten Minutes With The Minstrels, Medley Ove

Musical: Three Little Girls In
  M-1002 Somewhere In The Night
  M-998 This Is Always

Musical: Three Twins, The
  O-261 Three Twins, Selection From

Musical: Thumbs Up
  C-801 Autumn In New York

Musical: Unsinkable Molly Brow
  C-478 Unsinkable Molly Brown, Highlights From Th

Musical: Vanderbilt Cup, The
  C-657 Vanderbilt Cup, Selection From

Musical: Various
  C-922 Broadway Show-Stoppers Overture
  C-708 Golden Age Of Broadway, The
  C-298 Marching Up Broadway
  C-394 Richard Rodgers: A Symphonic Portrait

Musical: Various Berlin
  C-766 Irving Berlin - A Symphonic Portrait

Musical: Various Cole Porter
  C-856 Cole Porter A Symphonic Portrait

Musical: Various Noel Coward
  C-941 Noel Coward Songs

Musical: Whirl-I-Gig
  O-614 Whirl-I-Gig, The

Musical: Wildcat
  M-902 Hey, Look Me Over

Musical: Wizard Of Oz, The
  O-376 Wizard Of Oz, The

Musser, Willard
  C-937 Cantilena For Band

Native American
  M-227 Navajo
  M-657 Passing Of The Red Man

Nazir Grotto Band
  M-699 Nazir Grotto

  M-853 Bombasto

Nebraska Publisher
  M-980 Our High School (Vocal School March)

Nebraska, Omaha
  M-5031/B Bombasto
  M-882 Bombasto

New York, New York
  M-1030 Chimes Of Liberty, The

Newspaper: Atchison Globe
  O-308 Atchison Globe March, The

Newspaper: Chicago Tribune
  M-133 Chicago Tribune

Newspaper: Cleveland News
  M-148 Cleveland News, The

Newspaper: Kansas City Star
  M-5042/G Kansas City Star March

Newspaper: News-Sentinel (?)
  M-673 News-Sentinel, The

Newspaper: Topeka Daily Capita
  O-739 Topeka Daily Capital , The

Newspaper: Topeka State Journa
  O-738 Topeka State Journal , The

Newspaper: Washington Post
  M-833 Washington Post
  M-874 Washington Post
  M-911 Washington Post
  M-5040/D Washington Post March

Newspaper: Washington Times
  M-935 Washington Times March, The

Northwestern University
  M-949 Showtime U.S.A.

Northwestern University Band
  M-823 Purple Carnival March, The

Nottingham College Of Educatio
  C-986 Nott'num Town

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